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We specialise in laying tarmac driveways in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, providing customers with a range of affordable choices for either replacing or resurfacing their driveway.

Our tarmac contractors offer one of the most affordable services throughout Gloucestershire for installing whilst ensuring the work is of the highest of standards.

Further customisation choices are available for your new driveway such as grey brick bordering, cobblestone edging, granite edging, kerbing, paved aprons, new drainage system,s and more.

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Tarmac Contractors Brockworth

When the time is ready to replace your old driveway in Brockworth, tarmac surfacing has established itself as one of the better options to choose from. Available in either a black or red tarmac colour, it is suitable for any type of driveway and will support everything from standard cars to HGV vehicles on it.

It can laid directly on top of an older driveway and used to resurface it provided the original driveway is still solid and shows no signs of subsidence.

Otherwise, the best option is to remove the old driveway, lay in a new base foundation of Type 1 MOT and put down the tarmac surface on top of it.

Laying Tarmac Driveways in Brockworth

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Tarmac Driveways Brockworth

Laying Tarmac in Brockworth

You have multiple surfacing choices with getting tarmac laid, the first option is a base wearing course with a topping course applied on top of it. This method is generally used for areas that will be under sustained heavy goods loads or on roadways with significant traffic.

The second option is to lay down a base of concrete first and apply a topping course of SMA (stone mastic asphalt) on top of it.

The third option is to apply a thicker layer of tarmac / SMA, generally around 3 inches straight down instead.

All of these methods are perfectly viable for any driveway and are all equally capable for supporting cars or HGV parked on them. Our favourite option is the concrete base with a tarmac coat on top of it but its mostly just preference.

The method of laying is done either by using a barber green to machine lay the tarmac or having it laid by hand. On smaller driveways, it will have to be laid by hand but on private roads or open spaced areas, a barber green can machine lay it for you.

The most important factor is ensuring the tarmac is set at a suitable level, preferably 1:80 to ensure the water flows off the tarmac otherwise it can pond / pool. This will lead to problems on your new driveway.

Not sure about getting tarmac? We provide other options which are available from our paving contractors in Brockworth and our patio contractors in Brockworth.

Highly Rated Tarmac Specialists in Brockworth, Gloucestershire

Our tarmac driveway specialists can provide you with a breakdown of the work during the free visit along with some customisation choices such as brick edging, drainage systems, recessed inspection covers, new steps, apron borders and more.

We have built an outstanding reputation in Brockworth for installing tarmac and asphalt with reviews and customer feedback to back it up.

Tarmac Services in Brockworth:

  • Tarmac Drives
  • Asphalt Driveways
  • Resurfacing
  • Paved Aprons
  • Granite Borders
  • Tarmacadam
  • SMA (stone mastic asphalt)
  • Tarmac Driveway Repairs

Call our team on 01242 379014 for a quick and free estimate for tarmac driveways in Brockworth. Our service area extends all over Gloucestershire and all the surrounding areas.